Neo Instruments – Mini Vent II

Neo Instruments – Mini Vent II


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Rotor Effect

The Mini Vent II combines the functionality of the two predecessors Mini Vent / Mini Vent for Organ in one device and also offers an extended parameter set to fine-tune the sound even more individually. The parameters SPEED, BALANCE, DRIVE, DISTANCE and MODE (Git / Key) can now be set. Despite the identical hardware of the predecessor, the new Mini Vent II is a significantly more flexible device that also allows rotor effects that are not standard.

Two different settings can be saved and selected using the A-B switch on the back. The effect algorithm has been further refined and now works with a softer modulation curve for the distance parameter. The basic sound is therefore identical to the top-of-the-line Ventilator II model. With the Switch Mode Routine, the functions of the footswitches can be changed if necessary, so that, for example, the BYPASS button takes over the STOP function, while BYPASS is done by pressing both buttons is triggered at the same time.


  • Compact case, 10×10.5 cm
  • Footswitch for Bypass, Slow/Fast
  • LEDs for Bypass, Lo Rotor Speed, Hi Rotor Speed
  • Internal stop function for the rotors
  • Mono input
  • Stereo output
  • Input sensitivity switching (Hi / Lo)
  • Power pack 12V DC / 500 mA included in delivery (incl. adapter for foreign countries)


  • Extended parameter set (speed, balance, drive, distance, mode)
  • Bypass status is saved at power off
  • New modulation curve for the distance function (like Ventilator II)
  • Both models (for guitar and organ) in one device
  • Switch Mode Routine for changing footswitch functions
  • Factory reset function


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