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„This is going to be an industry standard.“

– Mark (Kickstarter Backer)

Drops™ was designed in California by Daniel Kushner, the founder and creator of MONO, the world-famous brand for gig bags and cases. With his product idea he hit the nail on the head again and will make many drummers happy in the future. The product was born out of a Kickstarter campaign – now ready to be taken out into the world. Drops earned the „Projects We Love“ award on Kickstarter, and went on to raise 6 times the original funding goal.

Drops™ are a new way to enhance drum tone without gels or adhesives. Use them on toms and snares. Mix and match different weights to dial in your sound.

During production, special emphasis was placed on the issue of sustainability: Recycled felt, Recycled steel, PVC-free, vegan, plastic-free packaging.

Goodbye, gels

Gels and adhesives create a sticky mess. They also choke the drum head. Our drums deserve better.

Hello Drops

Drops are durable and reusable. They attach to standard tension rods with a molded silicone tab. Use them across your kit to dial in your drum tone.

Mix & match

Drops come in four different weights – 40g / 60g / 120g / 200g. Use lighter weights to fatten up the drums, and heavier weights for a tighter, dryer tone.

Easy on/off

Drops grab on to standard tension rods. Press to attach, pull to remove. (Patent pending)

Active gate design

Drops are designed to control overtones while letting the drum’s natural tone come through. Rather than adhering to the drum head, they vibrate with it.