Carbon fiber drumsticks by Techra

For more than 15 years the Italian company has specialized in carbon drumsticks

Carbon fiber drumsticks – Made in Italy

Techra has developed over the last 15 years the most innovative and powerful drumsticks crafted from Carbon Fibre making them incredibly durable for the heaviest of hitters, without comprise to sound. Their carbon fibre creations surpass the limits of wood with durability, balance, chips and straightness, so be sure to try these for yourselves.

The mission

Drummers demand from their sticks not only great sound, but also durability, exceptional feeling, fast playing, agility and sound volume. Techra’s focus it to make drummers happy. Happy about what they hold in their hands. They want them to be inspired by the sound of their carbon fiber drumsticks.

Techra attaches great importance to ecological sustainability in its product developments.

Different lines

Techra listens to drummers and gives their needs an answer, through 6 different lines of carbon fiber drumsticks. Every single one of their models is an alloy of quality and style designed to take your performance to the next level!

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