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Neo Instruments – Ventilator II


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The VENTILATOR II succeeds the VENTILATOR and offers the following new features, among others:

  • Smaller case (160 x 140 x 57 mm)
  • Stereo input
  • Internal stop button
  • Separate slow and fast speed parameters
  • Separate Mix/Distance parameters for Lo and Hi Rotor
  • Level parameters
  • Speed ​​or mix control via expression pedal
  • Vintage modelling

Ventilator II simulates a 122 rotor cabinet, which is recorded using 3 microphones. Two microphones pick up the tweeter rotor, a third microphone the bass drum. The distance between the virtual microphones can be changed using the Distance controller. The bandwidth ranges from strong amplitude modulation with an intensive stereo effect to a rather diffuse sound image with calm modulation.

Individual customization

The speeds of the two rotors can be adjusted using the speed controller, the acceleration and deceleration behavior can be changed using the acceleration controller. As with the original, the bass and treble rotors run unsynchronized at slightly different speeds. The acceleration/deceleration times are also different, and are significantly longer for the bass rotor. The mixing ratio of the bass and tweeter rotors can be set using the balance control.

Tube simulation

The drive section is another outstanding feature of the VENTILATOR. No caustic transistor saw is produced here, but a tube-like, warm overdrive effect that can be controlled extremely dynamically via the organ’s volume pedal. Depending on the position of the drive controller, everything is possible here, from a subtle sizzle to a heavy rock tug.

Flexible connections

The VENTILATOR II  has a stereo input and a stereo output. With the Lo / Hi switch, the input sensitivity can be adjusted to the signal source. The ventilator II can be connected between the instrument and amplifier or mixer as well as to a loop-in path.

Remote control

The VENTILATOR II is designed as a floor unit; however, it can also be placed on top of the organ/keyboard for better access to the controls. The speed is switched either on the device using the Slow / Fast button or using a Halfmoon hand switch or external foot switch. With external control, the rotors can also optionally be switched to stop. The current speed of the rotors is indicated by an LED.

Speaker simulation

A complex filter circuit exactly simulates the frequency response of a tube cabinet.

When using guitar amplifiers, however, this speaker simulation can also be switched off (position GIT) and an almost linear frequency response is output.

True bypass

The VENTILATOR II is equipped with a true bypass, especially for use with guitars. A relay circuit ensures that the signal is switched to the two outputs without losses.



  • Complex modeling algorithms, precise replication of Leslie 122 rotary effects
  • Simple, analog operation
  • Independent simulation of bass and treble rotors with adjustable rotation speed and acceleration
  • Exact reproduction of mechanical properties
  • Authentic Leslie 122 speaker frequency response (can be switched off for playback via guitar amp)
  • Wide & detailed parameter controls (Speed, Balance, Drive, Distance, Mode)
  • 800Hz Crossover just like the original
  • Drive section simulates distortion / final stage saturation of the Leslie tube amp
  • Variable microphone distance
  • Silent foot switches for True Bypass Relay, Slow/Fast &Stop
  • Connection for Remote Foot Switch / Halfmoon Switch / Expression Pedal
  • Sturdy steel housing, recessed knobs

Technical data

  • Signal processing: 32-bit SHARC DSP
  • Analog-to-digital conversion: 48khz, 24 bit
  • Digital-to-analog conversion: 48khz, 24 bit 
  • Noise level: -80 dBA
  • Input sensitivity: -10 dBV (Hi), 0 dBV (Lo)
  • Input impedance: 1MOhm
  • Output level: +6 dBV
  • Output impedance: 100 Ohm
  • Recommended load impedance: 10 kOhm or more


  • Input L, input R / mono, output L, output R / mono, remote control input

Available accessories 

  • Fan remote control (II), half-moon switch CU-1, expression pedal FC7

Dimensions & weight

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 160 x 143 x 55mm  
  • Weight: 1.1kg / 2 lbs 7 oz (without power supply)

Power supply

  • Mains voltage: Primary 100-240V, 47Hz-63Hz – Secondary 9V DC (- internal)*
  • Power consumption: < 300mA 

From serial number E2309280, the Ventilator II runs with standard 9V DC Adapter (- internal) 

*The power supply is not included.

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