LIVEN 8bit warps

LIVEN 8bit warps


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LIVEN 8bit warps combines an 8-bit waveform memory synthesizer with a step sequencer, designed with a focus on live electronic performance. The classic 8-bit sweep function found in classic consoles and handhelds has been ported and upgraded for the Liven 8-bit warps. Use this function to recreate classic soundtracks or push it to the limit for unique percussive sounds. Use the highly responsive DELAY and BIT CRUSHER to transform your pattern in real time. Create disintegrating tape loop sounds by maxing out the delay’s mix control and then tweaking the speed control. Create short loops for machine gun effects, or drop the speed down to hear the loop drop deeper and deeper with each repetition. Use the BIT CRUSHER to dial down Liven 8-bit warp’s sampling rate. Use it in small doses to emulate early digital synths, or max it out for devastating distortion. Use the rich CHORUS and FLANGER to turn the 8-bit warps into a rich string machine.

  • 4 x 8-Bit sound engines: Warp, Attack, Morph and FM
  • Powerful voice mode: poly, mono and arpeggiator
  • 128-patch memory – 128-waveform memories
  • 6-Voice polyphony
  • Dynamic sequencer mode: slice, random and stutter
  • With step sequencer, filter, internal effects and looper
  • ADSR envelope
  • Variable filters: LPF, HPF, BPF
  • Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Hall and Plate Effects
  • 16 Control knobs
  • Latch function
  • LC display
  • Parameter lock for each sequencer step
  • With preset waveforms and editable user waveforms
  • MIDI in/out, SYNC in/out
  • Line In/out , headphone out
  • Built in speaker
  • Battery operation possible
  • Power supply (compatible with Korg „Volca“ Serie) and batteries (6xAA) not included


Power supply for all Sonicware LIVEN devices (optional)

  • 9V – 2A – center positive, incl. adapter-Set EU/US/UK/AU
  • EIAJ 3 plug (1.7×4.75×9.5mm)

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