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24,90  incl. VAT

Available on backorder

What is the „+”?

Upgrade 1: New generation white casing, perfectly matched with Ampero II Stomp/Stage! The casing of Ampero Switch+ adopts the same aluminum alloy material as Ampero II Stomp/Stage, giving it a premium texture. 

Upgrade 2: Ingenious slope design, enhances the pedal experience, avoiding tipping issues!

Here’s how to kick off Ampero Switch+

Pair with Ampero series effects: Using a 6.35mm TRS cable (included in the package).

Connect Ampero Switch+ to the external pedal/footswitch interface of the Ampero series effects.

Set the external pedal interface type in the global settings of the Ampero series effects to “dual footswitch” and you can assign different functions to the two footswitches of Ampero Switch+ as needed. 

Of course, Ampero Switch is not just a simple accessory for the Ampero series effects. It can also be used on any device that supports external footswitches, with specific functions varying depending on the capabilities of the controlled device.

Ampero Switch+ is a momentary external footswitch.

What is momentary type footswitch?

And what about latch-type?

When we talk about a latch-type footswitch, we’re referring to a kind of footswitch that remains on status once triggered on until you operate on it again. For example, a light on/off switch. Latch-type footswitch does not require continuous compression from players, which is great for switching effect pedals on/off or switching between amp channels.  Momentary footswitch is different: it remains on only as long as it is being compressed (e.g. a lighter with a press button). When you do a single press on a momentary footswitch, it will generate a short on-off “pulse”, which is recognized as a “trigger” on most digital multi-effects for switching presets, tap tempo, toggling effects on/off, etc. So momentary footswitch is mainly for controlling a digital gear.


  • Compact and lightweight dual-footswitch pedal
  • Perfectly compatible with Ampero and Ampero II series multi-effects processors
  • Can be used with other devices with external control jacks
  • 2 momentary footswitches
  • Includes TRS connection cable (80cm)

Dimensions: 102mm(W) x 63.5mm(D) x 49.6mm(H)

Weight: 190g

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