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ARTinoise re.corder PINK


149,00  incl. VAT

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The ARTinoise RE.CORDER is a brand new interpretation of the classic soprano recorder. With its built-in wireless connection, digital sensor platform and interactive app, it takes the traditional recorder into the future and offers access to a world of unimagined sounds and expressive possibilities.


A series of touch-sensitive digital sensors detect the position of the player’s fingers, a pressure sensor detects breath pressure and a 3-axis 3D acceleration sensor detects the position of the instrument in space, opening up the infinite possibilities of its innovative digital platform.

Interactivity & performance

With its special app, you can connect the RE.CORDER via Bluetooth to an external device such as a smartphone, a tablet or a Windows/Mac computer and integrate all the notes you play, including the pressure of your breath and the accelerometer data, into your performance in real time.

In this way, you can also connect your RE.CORDER as a real MIDI controller with other apps that are compatible with the MIDI protocol: Starting from educational tools for teaching to the more complex programmes for composition and music production, such as Logic, Ableton, GarageBand, Cubase etc.) external sound libraries, loopers and other MIDI sound generators. 


RE.CORDER is as small as a normal recorder, weighs only 120 g, does not require long cables and can also be played via headphones (simply connect the headphones to the device on which the app is installed). So you can devote yourself entirely to playing your music wherever and whenever you want, without having to worry about disturbing others! 

Sound versatility

With the RE.CORDER app, you can play 32 tones of its own sound bank, use different fingerings and create your own, transpose octaves, apply effects and much more.  


The RE.CORDER promotes inclusion as it can be played in special modes that allow people with mild disabilities to use it.

  • In lip mode, you can play by simply placing your lips on the instrument without breathing.
  • In keyboard mode, you can play the instrument by simply touching the keys as you would on a keyboard. 
  • With the magic wand instrument, the sound is produced by moving the instrument in space. 
  • In addition, simplified fingerings can be created to support people with special difficulties.

Educational potential

RE.CORDER has extraordinary educational potential. With the app, specially developed for use in schools, the music teacher has the opportunity to create a complete and inclusive orchestra of re.corders in their classroom by assigning a different sound and voice to each student according to their inclinations and abilities.

At home, the student can continue practising with re.corder, either alone (with or without score and/or backing tracks), or together with a partner using the DUO function, or with the virtual teacher pointing out mistakes.

The right choice

The RE.CORDER is not only the first digital wind instrument based on a recorder, but also the most advanced and versatile currently available in its category.

Its app-based technology enables continuous feature updates and offers the user a constantly evolving, highly customisable and comprehensive instrument.

Compared to other professional electronic wind instruments (EWIs), ARTinoise re.corder offers an affordable alternative in terms of cost and learning curve.

It is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to start with an uncomplicated, portable and relatively affordable digital wind instrument.

RE.CORDER is a hybrid acoustic and electronic soprano recorder with: 

  • Built-in wireless connectivity and sensor platform to recognise the notes played
  • Pressure sensors measure the strength of the breath
  • An additional inertial sensor (3D accelerometer) recognises the position of the instrument in space to give your own playing more musical expressiveness

RE.CORDER can be used as:

  • Fully functional traditional acoustic soprano recorder (acoustic sound can be muted) up to a digital instrument
  • Classical style recorder with digital output (digital wind instrument)
  • As a MIDI controller for use with your computer, your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and your favourite sound libraries 
  • Customised fingerings and modes for physical challenges (simplified fingerings, lip sensor instead of pressure and more!)


  • Micro USB charging port
  • LiPo battery (8/10 hours operation on a full charge)
  • BLE-MIDI interface
  • BLE connectivity
  • 3D acceleration sensor
  • Lightweight and robust housing
  • Touch-sensitive note holes
  • RE.CORDER app for Android and iOS
  • Weight: 120g
  • Colour: different colours available:  black, white, blue, red and more
  • Made in Italy

Whats in the box?

  • RE.CORDER device
  • Quick start manual
  • Cleaning rod
  • USB cable type A to micro B

Functions of the RE.CORDER app

  • Learn and play songs
  • Play a selection of classical, rock and pop songs and collect points
  • Solo play with digital teacher – shows mistakes as you play
  • Play freely, even when accompanied by other apps
  • Play with a friend in the same app with the DUO function


The digital sounds of the re.corder come from the sound library (SoundBank) included in its app. We have chosen to include the sounds in the app to ensure that re.corder users have a constantly evolving instrument.

  • The number of sounds and features included in the app will even expand over time, so your re.corder will keep surprising you!

The SoundBank currently contains 32 sounds, including not only wind instruments, but also strings, pianos, organs, synthesisers and drum sounds:

  • Recorder, flute, clarinet, oboe, trumpet, muted trumpet, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, duduk, bagpipes, schenai 
  • violin, cello, nylon guitar, distorted guitar, sitar, fretless bass 
  • piano, church organ, percussive organ, bandoneon
  • slow strings, film music, 
  • synth tom, choir, standard percussion, synth bass, orchestral pad, square lead, saw fifth, wobble pad, fantasy  


  • BREATH – This is the mode for playing any wind instrument. The sound is produced by blowing into the mouthpiece of the instrument.
  • LIP SENSOR – In this mode, the sound is produced by placing the lips on the mouthpiece of the instrument without having to blow. This mode is particularly suitable for people with breathing difficulties.
  • KEYBOARD – This mode allows you to play re.corder by simply touching the holes of the instrument as if it were a keyboard. Particularly suitable for selecting percussive sounds from the library or for people with disabilities.


The Recorder app is compatible with devices that have at least the following operating systems installed

  • Android (smartphones, tablets): OREO (8.0) on the Arm platform. It is also possible to connect re.corder to older versions, but the audio optimisations will only be implemented from this version of the operating system onwards.
  • iOS (iPhone and iPad): iOS 10.0 and iOS devices with BLE support (from iPhone 6S and iPad 4th generation and iPad minis)

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