Strymon, Cloudburst Reverb

319,99  inkl. MwSt.

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Strymon, Cloudburst Reverb

319,99  inkl. MwSt.

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Into The Clouds…And Beyond

Sometimes a single pedal can be transformative. Cloudburst simply produces some of the most gorgeous ambient reverb sounds you’ve ever heard. There is no other pedal like it. The Cloud algorithm of the BigSky served as the basis and was further developed so that Cloudburst now offers a whole new variety of sounds.

New Ensemble Effect

Strymon’s new Ensemble effect ensures a seamless, natural, and artifact-free interaction with the reverb and with your guitar signal. With the Ensemble switch in its mezzo piano (or “moderately soft”) position, it can subtly enhance the character of the reverberated signal, while in its forte setting, it can yield huge string ensemble effects reminiscent of vintage polyphonic string machine synthesizers.

Most simple and intuitive to use

Finally, Strymon wanted to create a pedal that was the most simple and intuitive to use of any product we’d ever designed. So with Cloudburst, there are no secondary or “hidden” functions. The pedal is controlled by just a few knobs and a switch exactly as they are labeled, so you can instantly dial up the perfect sound with no learning curve required. You get what you see: Decay, Ensemble, Mix, Pre-Delay, Tone and Modulation.



  • The best sounding ambient reverb in history
  • New ENSEMBLE mode: incredible finger-following string-like organic pads and soundscapes
  • Freeze/Infinite modes available via TRS EXP jack
  • Decay, MIx, Pre-Delay, Tone and Modulation knobs
  • High impedance/ultra low-noise discrete Class A JFET TRS (switchable mono/stereo) i/o
  • EXP input: connect TRS expression pedal/MiniSwitch/MultiSwitch Plus, or EXP-MIDI for full MIDI integration: 300 presets, real-time parameter control
  • USB-C jack allows MIDI control from computer/firmware updates and Nixie editing 24-bit 96kHz AD/DA, 520MHz 32bit floating ARM Superscalar processor = 20Hz to 20kHz 116dB S/NR super low noise/high perf
  • Audio I/O Impedance: 1M Ω/100 Ω
  • Strong/light anodised aluminum chassis
  • 4.5”/ 11.43 cm deep x 1.7”/4.32 cm wide x 2.2/5.59” tall
  • Requires 9v centre neg 250+ m/Amp PSU (not included) 

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