Studiologic firmware updates for Numa Compact and Numa X

The firmware updates for Numa Compact and Numa X introduce tons of new features and improvements.

Numa Compact 2 / 2x - firmware update 2.0

New navigation system

Numa Compact 2 can combine 2 audio parts and 2 MIDI zones at the same time.
The new firmware includes a revamped navigation system that allows to separate the Focus from the on/off control of the audio parts and the MIDI Zones.

A new way to use SLP3-D

You can now use the SLP3-D triple pedal to change the current Program. Connect the SLP3-D to the PED 2 jack and choose SLP3D-PRG from the settings.
The left and center pedals will browse Programs back and forth while the right pedal will work as Damper.

Super powers for organ sounds

The new firmware introduces new settings to customize organ sounds even more in detail.
Try it out to get your own unique and personal sound.

UX refinement

An effective user interface makes all the difference on stage.

With the new Navigation system, disabled MIDI zones and audio parts are grayed out to distinguish them from enabled ones. And when you enable a MIDI zone or an audio part, the focus automatically moves to it. The sliders are 5x more responsive. As soon as you move them, the display follows in real time. There are also new icons when you change one of the nine synth parameters with the sliders, for better feedback.

Improvements under the hood

The small „clicks“ you might hear when adjusting the Mastering knobs or using USB Audio are gone.

The Reverb and Delay effects have completely new DSP algorithms and the FX1 Drive control is now perfectly smooth.
You will notice other small improvements in all other effects.

New MIDI controls available on the keyboard port.

Numa X GT/88/73 - Firmware Update 2.1

Electric Pianos

Thanks to our powerful Electric Modeling technology, we have refined the algorithms of every electric piano. In particular, the EP-MarkI and EP-MarkII sounds are now more percussive and punchy at high dynamics, and the Wurlys enjoy greater harmonic content. See these improvements in the video.

Distortion und Reverb

The Overdrive and Warm Drive effects are even more realistic thanks to the analysis of the most known analog references.
You can also separately adjust the bass and treble distortion, as well as better gain control.

The new Spring2 effect is added to the already existing Spring1. Studiologic has worked hard to reproduce as true as possible spring reverbs for their beloved vintage products.
Combine these effects with an electric piano or a guitar to recreate the atmosphere of famous historical recordings, thanks to the computational power of Numa X Piano.

Other changes

With the last update Studiologic added the ability to change Program by SLP3-D.
With the update 2.1 Studiologic has extended this function within Favorites too.

And speaking of pedals, now you can choose the behavior of the assigned parameters when you change Program:

Snap: The parameter assumes the value stored in the Program.
Direct: The parameter value „hooks“ to the current pedal position.

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