Sonicware SmplTrek – Portable Production Sampler

 Easy Sampling with Built-in Mic Anytime, Anywhere!

Sonicware SmplTrek is the perfect companion for all musicians who want to realize their creative ideas immediately. Use your spontaneous inspiration and record sounds or melodies directly for your sound project – anywhere on the go. A rushing brook or a party in the park…the arriving subway…a tinkling wind chime? And a spontaneous guitar or vocal melody that just pops into your head. More than 500 high-quality sample sounds and over 100 drum kits provide additional inspiration. With SmplTrek, there are no limits to your expressiveness. Super easy sampling, flexible song-making and effortless streaming via smartphone! >> Watch the video now



One-Touch sample recording.
Auto-slicing can quickly split samples across the pads.
Time-stretching can adjust a sample’s tempo to match your song
Pitch-changing functions can keep your samples in key.


Each song project has 16 scenes. One scene contains:
10 sequencer tracks
3 additional audio tracks for longer recordings such as vocals or guitar


With a single USB cable connected to your smartphone or PC/Mac, you can stream full-quality audio to audiences all over the internet.


Find inspiration for your next song with:
500+ high-quality sample sounds and internal DSP effects.
Import your own sounds with a SD card.


Can accept input from a variety of equipment: Dynamic Microphone, Electric Guitar/Bass, General Line-level audio devices, PC/Mac and smartphone via USB. It can also synchronize playback with many musical instruments using MIDI and audio sync.


Maximum Polyphony
30 voices


  • 48kHz-16bit linear
  • Sampling Time: Maximum sampling time (size) for a single sample is approximately 180 minutes in stereo (2 GB).
  • Recordable Data: Depend on SD card *SD card sold separately
  • Data Format: WAV
  • Resampling, auto-slicing, time-stretching, pitch-changing functions
    *SmplTrek requires an SD card for sampling. Supported SD cards are SDHC cards up to 32 GB. (SDXC cards are not supported.)
36 types (Insert, Send, Master Effects)

15 velocity-sensitive pads with RGB LEDs
Each song project has 16 scenes:
  • 1 scene contains 10 sequencer tracks and 3 additional audio tracks
  • Track Type
    • Loop Track: Sequencer for a looping sample
    • Shots Track: Sequencer for a single one-shot sample
    • Drum Track: Step sequencer for drums
    • Instrument Track: Piano roll style sequencer for musical instruments
    • MIDI Track: Piano roll style sequencer for external MIDI equipment.
  • Note Length: 1/1~1/32
  • Various copy and paste functions
  • Transpose function
  • Real-time and non-real-time recording
  • Metronome, pre-count function
  • Automation for Mixer parameters


  • INPUT L / Guitar (Switchable 10kΩ and 1MΩ impedance) / Dynamic Mic
    • [LINE Gain] PAD: -20dB
    • [Hi-Z Gain] LOW: 0dB, NORMAL: +10dB, HI: +20dB
    • [MIC Gain] LOW: 0dB, NORMAL: +10dB
  • INPUT R / Dynamic Microphone
    • [LINE Gain] PAD: -20dB
    • [MIC Gain] LOW: 0dB, NORMAL: +28.8dB, HI: +50dB
    *The above jacks are all balanced 1/4″ TRS Phone Connectors
  • PHONES jack (stereo 3.5mm mini phone type)
  • USB port(micro USB Type-B)
    • [USB Audio] USB 2.0 Full Speed, 48kHz-16bit
      Input: 2 channels, Output: 2 channels
    • [USB MIDI]
    • [Mass Storage Class] USB2.0 High Speed
      *For iPhone, Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter required separately
  • MIDI IN connector (5-Pin DIN type)
  • MIDI OUT connector (5-Pin DIN type)
  • AUDIO SYNC IN jack (mono 3.5 mm mini phone type)
  • AUDIO SYNC OUT jack (mono 3.5 mm mini phone type)
  • SD card slot
  • DC IN connector

Control knob x 5, Directional pad with 2 button controls

1,5 inch OLED display

Built-in Mic
Mono x 1 (Omni-directional, 94dBSPL)

Built-in Speaker
Mono x 1 (1.5W 4Ω)

Power Supply

  • DC12V output AC adapter (500mA, Inner Diameter: 2.1mm, Outer Diameter: 5.5mm, Polarity: Center +
  • Ni-MH AA SIZE Rechargeable Battery or Alkaline AA SIZE Dry Battery x 6 (Alkaline dry batteries life: approx. 4 hours)
    *Batteries sold separately

AC Adaptor, warranty
*SD card, USB cable and the other connection cables sold separately

Size and weight
147 x 175 x 46 mm, 550g
5.8 x 7.8 x 1.8 inch, 3.5 oz

Country of origin

Retail price

559,00 €


Available from selected retailers from around mid-November 2022, pre order now:

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