On the trail of the next synthesizer revolution

New sounds and expression for artists

Since the appearance of digital synthesizers capable of outputting pre-recorded sounds, Yu Endo, Founder & CEO of Sonicware, has not encountered another completely new synthesizer instrument with worldwide appeal. He is calling the new instrument that would be like this the “next synthesizer revolution.”

By continuing to pursue the challenge of inventing the next synthesizer revolution and by advancing existing instruments, Sonicware believes that they can provide artists with inspiration, and that this will contribute to the creation of new music and genres and to the advancement of music culture.

Sonicware has a very strong sense of value regarding this challenge. Instruments that bring new sounds and expressiveness into the world while generating excitement in both their users and those who make them have value. There is meaning in our making them.

As Sonicware progresses along the path to the next synthesizer revolution, they will continue reinventing existing instruments and incorporating new elements into them. Then, someday Sonicware is confident that they will succeed in inventing an instrument that can be called the next synthesizer revolution.

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