Fluid Audio

Professional Studio Equipment

Monitors, subwoofers, microphones, headphones and accessories

Fluid Audio, based in the USA, offers professional studio equipment, from monitors and subwoofers to large-diaphragm microphones, audio interfaces, headphones and accessories. Fluid Audio users range from those just starting to Grammy and Emmy-winning producers, mixers and engineers.

With the Strum Buddy, Fluid Audio also offers a great product in the guitar sector that allows comfort and mobility. A small portable guitar amp that conveniently attaches to the guitar using a rubber suction cup and allows you to play without a guitar cord. The Strum Buddy was born out of the desire for convenience and portability (…two things guitar players greatly appreciate). All guitarists like to sit and noodle around on their guitars. It’s relaxing and a great way to expand your abilities. Practicing on the couch, in the hotel or anywhere on the go is no problem with the not even tennis ball sized buddy.

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