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Jay Clark started EarPeace in 2008 following a week of ear drum bruising fetes and playing mas in the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival. While decompressing on the beach, he could barely hear the sound of the waves over the ringing in his ears. It was frightening. He knew there was no way he could enjoy a party like that again without really good hearing protection.

After coming back to the states and trying everything on the market, it was immediately apparent there was no good solution and the problem was enormous. No one will wear a product that doesn’t improve their experience. It wasn’t and still isn’t common knowledge how fragile our hearing actually is.

Hearing loss is associated with an increased risk of dementia, falls and depression. It is also a serious contributing factor to social isolation and loneliness, and, has been linked to poorer job performance and lower salaries. Conditions like tinnitus are not well understood and can be completely debilitating. One concert that is too loud can leave a young person crippled for life or a middle-aged adult with significant hearing loss years much earlier than expected.

This reality meant that we needed to completely change the way people think about this aspect of their health. We set out to turn hi-fi hearing protection into sunscreen. Just like you would never go to the beach without block, you wouldn’t go to the show without your plugs.

The Mission

The mission of EarPeace is to be a catalyst for changing the way people consider caring for their hearing health and tangibly decrease the epidemic of hearing loss and tinnitus. To do that, they are delivering hearing protection that music fans, motorcyclists, and DIY enthusiasts actually want to wear. EarPeace will improve your loud experience and enable easy changes in behavior. They are continuously innovating how we deliver to meet the evolving needs of the people that trust them and be an information resource. They also work uniquely with the entertainment industry to bring hi-fi hearing protection into the spaces where people need it the most. Hundreds of festivals and venues carry EarPeace.

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