DR Handmade Strings

The fine art of fine tuning™


In 1989, DR Strings brought handmade round-core strings back to the market. With skill, time and care, the family-run company delivered the hearable difference between handmade and machine-made strings.

The round core of the string ensures optimal vibration and sound transmission.

Highest quality & craftmanship

Only the highest quality American materials are used in manufacturing, from the wire to the ball ends to the packaging.

The winders take at least 6 months to learn their craft. That’s how long it takes to develop a feel, understanding and instinct for the constant small manual adjustments.

Design & Innovation

At DR, the emphasis is not only on the highest quality, but also on constant development and innovation. New ideas and unique strings mature in the company’s own test lab.

DR Strings quietly calls itself one of the most innovative string manufacturers on the market. This statement is backed up by the incredible number of models that this family-owned company has brought to the market so far.

Appreciated by numerous musicians

Especially worth mentioning are the numerous artists who proudly stand behind this brand and its products. >> View DR Family

These strings convince with high-quality materials, top quality and a great variety for acoustic and electric instruments, including many colored and signature sets.

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