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Premium Bluetooth Midi solutions

WIDI re-invents music production

CME is a world leader in the design and manufacture of digital musical instruments. CME was established in Singapore in 2012 as a product development center and to support the global resellers of the CME Xkey range of Bluetooth and USB MIDI keyboards. CME products are sold and supported in 40 countries.

The Xkey portable keyboard is the instrument of choice for many professional musicians. Jordan Rudess, voted ‚Best Keyboardist of All Time‘ by Music Radar Magazine and a keynote speaker at both MacWorld and Microsoft Conventions, is the Chief Musical Officer of CME. The company has a world-class management, design and technical development executive team.

Today CME offers a wide range of advanced Wireless MIDI solutions. CME has been working on wireless MIDI for over 15 years. WIDI Master is the wireless MIDI connection over Bluetooth with only 3ms latency. You can replace your USB to MIDI cable with Bluetooth to MIDI solutions. Instrument-to-instrument and wireless MIDI groups are also available and the Bluetooth MIDI technology keeps evolving.

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