Equator-D5Founded in 2007 by Ted Keffalo. Ted has a long history in the audio industry going back decades. In 1995 he co-founded Event Electronics whose cutting edge designs ushered in the active near-field monitoring explosion. Before that he was one of the initial members of Alesis Studio Electronics. Prior to Alesis, Ted owned a recording studio, managed a music store, was a live sound engineer at the Los Angeles Coliseum, and a front of house engineer for a prominent jazz club where he did the mixing for blues and jazz greats from BB King to Art Blakey. During his collegiate years he earned money as a working musician.

Both Alesis and Event Electronics specifically developed products to aid musicians in getting professional recording results at home as well as in the studio environment. It was recognized that using accurate reference studio monitors during the recording process was paramount to achieving a great end result. Throughout many years of monitor development, specific details about the manufacturing process, functionality and accuracy of the monitor designs were revealed. Equator Audio Research was founded to fully address all that we discovered. The cutting-edge flagship Equator Q Series monitors have since found their way into mission-critical recording situations in world class studios from Abbey Road to The Record Plant to Skywalker Ranch.