About us

Kurt Wangard and Joachim Flor founded B4 Distribution in order to make interesting and innovative products from national and international manufacturers available to the German MI market.

Their experience in the MI market has a long history. Back in the 1980s Joachim Flor founded his independent sales agency and involved Kurt Wangard from the very beginning. Since then they have worked together with renowned companies such as Steinberg, E-MU, Waldorf, Novation, PPG, Simmons, Midiman, Access, Hartmann and many more.

“First we were well known as independent sales reps for Germany and Austria. Expanding our business with a complete distribution structure was the next logical step.” says Joachim Flor.

B4 Distribution selects their product lines very carefully...

“We focus on high-class products from selected manufactures and present them to the German market using all the communication possibilities our modern world offers. We are very proud that some of the leading companies in the industry have given us their trust.” says Joachim Flor.

The core team of B4 Distribution includes nine employees for in house customer service and sales reps. The focus is clearly oriented on sales and dealer support, as well as special requests from end users. On top of the core team are numerous free lancers who join us for special projects beyond the day-to-day business.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us.